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When we first started, we at Beaux made it our mission to provide you the luxury of MORE TIME. To clients, an easier and faster way to find the services they want and need, and to artists, giving them all the perks going digital offers businesses – efficiency, organization and future-proofing.

Today at Beaux, our new philosophy is to help ensure your quintessential need for SAFETY.

In the span of the 3 months during the lockdown, we have been working around the clock on our two-year plan of creating an ecosystem for beauty lovers and beauty startups. This includes the website and smartphone app, the Beaux Society beauty marketplace and the Growth digital marketing platform (coming soon).

As you can see, we are quite serious about making lives easier.

So here are 5 reason why YOU belong HERE!


All the professionals who are approved on Beaux are BARBICIDE® COVID-19 certified for safety, specifically in the Beauty Industry.


On Beaux, you will find all your beauty + barbershop needs in one place, as well as a community where conversations that matter, happen.


Discovering and connecting with the right person for you is made seamless and fun, thanks to GPS technology and your ability to filter by price and ratings based on your preference. Plus, the website and the app are visually easy on the eyes too.


For our artists and local business owners, we take care of the backstage business operations, so you can take care of yourself, and of course, to pamper the true loves of your life – ie. your clients. With all the new requirements and expectations of you post-COVID, we want to help.


We set you up for success and grow with you within a thriving ecosystem, into the future, whether you are an artist or a client. With your peace of mind at the top of ours.

Beaux exists because of you, and will continue doing so because of you. Thank you so much and we are thrilled to see what we can all build together going forward!

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.

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  • Get discovered by clients who value safety
  • Set your own rules
  • More time for things you love
  • Sell on the Beaux Marketplace
  • Learn digital marketing
  • Grow your dreams
  • Future-proof
  • Dance!

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