Coming Soon: Beauty Kindness Ninjas

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Let's Get Social

Giving back was something that was strongly embedded into my DNA. I blame it on my parents and Catholic upbringing. Sunday school certainly has its merits.

Recently I learned that giving back and volunteering is the secret to happiness and the secret to longevity. This helped me understand my secret impulsive need to donate to charities like Because I Am A Girl and volunteering my time to causes like Meals On Wheels. 

When I started Beaux, I always intended to donate parts of our profits to charity. The lockdown afforded me time to look inward and find a way we can give back in our own unique way. Thanks to the growing popularity of “Kindness Ninjas” on Facebook Groups, I was able to figure out how! “Kindness Ninjas”… Beauty edition.

How Will It Work?

The idea is for people to vote for their loved ones who are in need of beauty-related supplies.

Every month, we will be ‘surprising’ a deserving candidate based on merit, by virtue of their story, as well as the social impact of their story, by means of engagement on social media.

Will There Be Requirements?

The minimum requirement is a need for help and compassion, hence, a story is a must.

How Will You Know What To Give?

The people who vote, or the people who are voted, can list down items that they need.

Where Do I Vote?

Sign up and applications will be coming very soon!

Mara Belano
Author: Mara Belano

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