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$10 OFF Your First Post-Lockdown Appointment

Here is a 10$ off coupon to use for your first beauty booking: BEAUXLAUNCH

At Home Or In Salon?

We can't even with this hair. How is YOURS?

Do You Qualify For CERB or Other Government Benefits?

Have you applied for CERB? Don't think you are qualified for CEBA? Join us as Tanya of Cloud Bookkeeping Services and Kailyn of KP Financial...

Beauty and Tech during COVID-19 | Survey

A survey on how the industry is doing during this pandemic.

Webinar: Self Love Saturdays

Home is where the heart is, so take care of your heart, face, hair, nails and mind! If you are like me, second-guessing pyjama choices...

Options and Resources for Windsor’s Self-Employed Workforce

April 1, 2020 - These past few weeks have been a glitter explosion of information and we are happy to welcome the expertise of Nicole...

LIVE VIDEO Safe Nail Removal at Home

Get your tickets for the event through this link: Hi beauties! So this is becoming a crisis in and of itself! I definitely miss...

5 Reasons We Beauty Lovers Should Be On This Platform

Today at Beaux, our new philosophy is to help ensure your quintessential need for SAFETY. So here are 5 reason why YOU belong HERE!

How It Works

(Screenshot of App at the end) Beaux is launching in Windsor, Ontario in January 2020. Version 1.0. We know we’re excited to be among the...

Beauty Bosses: How To Write A Glowing Bio

Of course glowing is what we aim for... In 250 characters or less! Here are some quick pointers: Say ‘Hello’ or ‘Welcome’ or ‘Thank You’...